So…. what’s Vuga?

Vuga! is a word that features in many bantu languages.

In Kifumbira it means to talk or to speak

In Runyankole it means to advance or to push forward, “Okwevuga” is a traditional Ankole form of rapping, in which the heroic deeds of the individual being honoured are recited for the entertainment and information of an audience.

In isiZulu, Vuga means wake up!

The conversation about Africa has for too long been dominated by outsiders,  from the infamous Joseph Conrad book “The Heart of Darkness” to the latest CNN special on whatever African disaster is holding the West’s attention for the next 2.35 minutes.

Vuga! is an online project designed to provide a platform for young African voices. Here you will see African stories, African pictures and videos submitted by young people all over the continent who wish to see their Africa, represented in the media.

Vuga! runs on your contributions. Got a picture of you chilling at the beach with your friends? Send it to A funny video shot on African soil? Send it to An essay on music, culture or sport pertaining to Africa? Send it to A fictional story about what you imagine the chapati-seller gets up to at night. Send it to

You get the point.



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