People in this city have a lot of nerve! I was busy ‘facebooking’ one evening in a taxi, at a window seat when I felt some forceful hand grab at me, right around the wrist. I turned to see what the perpetrator of such a brave attempt on theft looked like, but all I could see was the back of his head. He was nearly crushed between two taxis in the process, both of them with those intimidating bush guards at the front. As the fellow scampered to safety, I couldn’t help but notice the bemused took on the passengers’ faces, those that were next to me. They’re the ones that had an idea of what had almost just happened.

That guy must have followed our taxi thinking he was in for some easy fix. Had he known that I’d sat at the right-hand-side back window, with it barely open, was intentional, he would have thought twice.

Had he known that I was aware that it was common for passengers in that seat to have their phones grabbed from them, he might have thought twice.

Had he known that I’d purposely lifted my right knee and held the phone in my right hand resting on my left thigh, he would have known that my phone was well out of reach.
I knew the risk of browsing the net in the city centre, in a taxi leaving the park, so I had taken simple measures to ensure its safety while I was at it. I must thank God he didn’t rob me. I also thank God I had the presence of mind to ensure my safety before embarking on such a perilous quest. Facebook would have cost me much had things gone according to the crook’s plan. The only regret I have is that I didn’t get the chance to hold his hand while he tried to grab the phone, otherwise I would have had the taxi drag him a good distance before I let go, just to teach him. But thank God I didn’t.

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4 thoughts on “Almost…

  1. Too close for comfort. thank your socks, you were not hurt. ehh? which ones? I can lend you the ones I just won here.

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