This fantastic retro chic video and song from Belgian-Congolese hip hop artist Baloji may sound familiar to you (or your parents). The song is a new take on that classic song by Lingala godfather Grand Kallé (Joseph Kabasele)

play it in your car and make your father happy.

Baloji’s album “Kinshasa Succursale” features veteran Congolese musicians and lots of stylish historical nods and political questioning that one would expect of a cosmopolitan and conscious African artist of his calibre.

“there is a monopoly of certain African musicians who have dominated the music scene in Africa. These artists make loads by advertising and promoting the political agendas of local and regional leaders and businesses in their music. In many ways they are part of a musical elite. Young musicians don’t get a chance to be heard because music, especially in the Congo is somewhat political. So for the artist who is making music for music’s sake, as a form of self-expression, or living above repression, or to inspire, the only way to be heard is through the Internet.”(source)