Occasionally Mnet Soundcheck gets it right

… and introduces me to a dope new artist.

All hail Muthoni The Drummer Queen

From her facebook page bio:


“In her previous lives, the girl currently known as Muthoni Ndonga was among other things the head of Shaka Zulu’s harem , a cunning street urchin who converted into a renown mystic healer in current day Armenia, a polar bear, a Chinese dumpling maker and a fierce General under Napoleon. Her adventures run concurrently with the 300 wars, the invention of the envelope and the discovery of whisky. In this life, Muthoni Ndonga is a living breathing singer of the hero variety. This embodiment of talent is a songwriter-flow-poet by night and creative-social entrepreneur by day. And when she transnights between sleeping, waking, eating and breathing, she brandishes her sticks as… *insert victorious sounding horns*…THE DRUMMER QUEEN.”

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