Never mind the “Brain Drain”

A nice article on the BBC news website last weekend talking, not about the millions of Africans leaving the continent for opportunities in the West, but the ones returning home:

Across nine African countries and a journey of 7,000 miles from Mali to South Africa, from Ghana to Ethiopia, the story was often the same. Africans were returning from working or studying abroad either for patriotic reasons or because of the growing opportunities back home.

The article quotes a report by the International Organisation for Migration that states,

“Of the more than 1.1 million Ghanaians who left the country between 2000-2007, only 153,000 did not return either temporarily or permanently.”

People often ask me why I came back to Africa after studying in the U.S. Most of the time I tell them I couldn’t live without sunshine and mangoes, but that’s only partly the truth. The fact is that there is a wealth of opportunity for dynamic, creative, skilled and entrepreneurial young Africans in the developing markets on the continent.

Still, the IOM report makes particular mention of Ghana, which is hailed for its political and economic stability in comparison to other African countries. Young Ghanaians are more likely to want to go home than say, young Somalis.

To all my Africans in the West, trying to get theirs, come back home soon. We miss you

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To be a female taxi conductor

to be a female taxi conductor

Raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten into a fight with a taxi conductor…

Ok, wait, wait, that’s not going to work. Raise your hand if you’ve never gotten into a fight with a taxi conductor.

I liked this article in Uganda’s Monitor paper about a female conductor who works on the Naalya -Old Park route. Much as they have the power to ruin my day, I think it has to be one of the tougher jobs, though Esther Naluhuka of the article says

“Do you think I’m the first woman to do this? Life is about what you make it whether you are seated in a fancy office like yours or in an “office” like mine.

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